A promise as strong as steel

We will complete all work to your absolute satisfaction, on time, and always fairly priced.

About Us

Stingray Construction, LLC is working to build and remodel Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Our business is based on partnership and trust. As partners, we are working towards the same vision, and you can trust us to make it a reality.

Our Services

Floors and walls

Precision work in ceramic, marble, wood, and cement.


Residential and commercial. We can work with you on choosing the most efficient materials.


Wood or steel, building or remodeling [1]


Interior or exterior, residential or commercial, our expert painters complete the job to perfection.


We cover all parts of the process, to get rid of the old and make room for the new.

Get in Touch

Stingray Construction, LLC
Partnering with homeowners throughout Hampton Roads and Richmond, Virginia

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